Seeing a 3D Model of My Buildings Before the Foundations Are Poured

Some of the buildings we build have very complicated systems installed in them to make them habitable. I remember a test of a sports stadium’s water system. People were brought in to flush all of the toilets at the same time to test whether the water and sewer system was adequate for game day. Now we pretty much can build computer models to know that before we install the first pipe. A real benefit is using a 3D modelling service to build a model of your structure. I know you can look at 3D designs on a computer screen, but seeing them actually in three dimensions is so much more revealing.

As an architect I tweak and adjust designs over and over again before a client sees them. Does that make me incompetent? Not at all. Let me explain. Buildings develop over time. There is the initial request for plans for a structure. Then someone on a board, committee or planning commission will think of something that needs added, subtracted or changed. Well, buildings have similarities to living organisms. If you add, remove or adjust one thing, it has a direct effect on so many other things. If I take out one bathroom or add one in, I have to adjust the water pipes, sewer pipes, electrical wires and HVAC systems. Plus I have to consider changes to traffic patterns in the building because of the change. That is just the obvious stuff!

A 3D modelling service allows me to have what I call toys made of a building. They remind me so much of my building blocks and metal strut toys I had as a kid. They are colorful, and the components can be removed and handled. I have given a couple models to our kids, and they have a great time playing with them. They are old enough that there are no small part worries. I like being able to see models of the buildings before we start digging and pouring concrete. It helps me and the builder anticipate problem areas that will need special attention.

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